Friday, November 10, 2006

Small Changes, Huge Difference

Continuing with the last post's topic of small is big, here is another example. Both the pictures (please click the second one, for a bigger size one, to appreciate it completely, unfortunately my limited bandwidth doesn't allow me to post full resolution photographs, but yes you can request me if you really need it by email) above are of the same blue water filled tub in my bathroom, and here is how to convert the first (arguably the most boring picture) into the second one, which is fizzer than fizz.

Trust me, it is super simple to get great shots, you just have to imagine

Step 1:
Turn on the tap, yeah, the falling water, will cause those pretty bubbles

Step 2:
Just get the interior of the tub, so that without the border of tub, you have the feeling of infinity

Step 3:
Turn off the lights, and fire the flash. This will cause the light to reflect from the uneven surface of water due to the presence of waves and bubbles, and make them shine like crystals

Handy Note:
This second picture, which you can create yourself, is a very good and very soothing wallpaper for your desktop.