Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ice or Water?

Hey guys, i recent got lucky, and won myself a ticket to Antarctica to visit the world famous museum of objects carved out of ice, and what did i get back for you, well, a photograph of giant wheel, carved out of a single block of ice.

Ok, agreed i am KIDDING, what you see is nothing, but the mundane view of a PET bottle's bottom, filled partially with water (Click to enlarge). An example of how routine things become "cool" when shot in closeup (Macro) Mode

How to do it: (SIMPLE, in every sense of the word)

1)Get a PET bottle, (You can do the following with bottles in different color, to give even more amazing results)

2)Switch your camera to macro mode, put your lens at the mouth of the bottle and click, yeah, Slight tilt of the lens can produce different results, which may turn out to be better or worse.

HANDY TIP: Shake the bottle slightly before taking the picture, so that the wavy water gives a better feel.