Thursday, November 09, 2006

Via-My-Lens Picture

As for the picture, below (The one in my last post), well it is one of my favorites, Here is how i produced it, and what exactly it is:

What it is:
Picture caption: VIA-MY-LENS
Well it is the lens, of the camera, from which the picture was taken itself. I LOVE, to take macro shots of everyday items, to give them a more interesting and different perspective, you will find a lot of such examples in the days to come.

How it was done:
Well, place the camera really really close to a mirror, put the flash on fire mode, and shoot. Yeah, pretty simple and results are good. But to add the slight enigma into picture, you would need to play around with the distance from the mirror and flash power, we Don't want a well focused and well exposed image over here. Out of focus and over exposed, just do the trick fine.

Handy TIP:
If your camera has silver/white body you are in luck ;-), but otherwise also, results can be very interesting.

A relatively long Post script: ;-")

In this blog I will refrain from using any desktop software for any
touch-ups as far as possible, and also, i will for 95% of the time,
will not post anything, that can be produced only with an SLR, a simple
point and shoot camera, which gives you flexibility over shutter speed,
aperture, focus and ISO settings in the manual mode, and is small
enough to carry everywhere, is the best choice. There are lots of
options available for this under 300$, canon Powershot A540, will be a
very good choice.
Btw, if i use any shot for the purpose of illustration, which hasn't been taken by me, for the sake of convenience, i will explicitly mention it.